Thoughts about “The Thing That Happened”

February 26th, 2018

I wrote the first draft of this in my diary in July of 2015, the day after it happened.

Then I transcribed it here two weeks later.

It has now been two and a half years since it happened. I feel like I can finally put this out there. It’s the last step in my recovery.

Trigger Warning: Rape

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Thoughts about “The Thing That Happened”

Day 130: On Being Taiwanese-American and Bizarre Racial Encounters While Studying Abroad

Saturday; January 9th, 2016

Let’s start by saying that this is not for you. Nothing here is meant to convince you that your convictions are wrong, and nothing here is meant to provide validation for your beliefs. I don’t know if this will be used by anyone in the future, and I can’t control how this gets used. Parts of my thoughts and experiences won’t match the predominant Asian-American voices, and any differences between other peoples’ stories and mine shouldn’t discredit or undermine any of our experiences altogether. All I can do is put down my own intent:

This is for me; this is my attempt to make sense of what I’ve been experiencing since I arrived in England. This is for my own personal growth.

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Day 130: On Being Taiwanese-American and Bizarre Racial Encounters While Studying Abroad

Day 62: Glass (Art, Not Optics)

Monday; November 2nd, 2015

Figure A: Glass Bauble

This post comes to you fairly late because last week was my first experience of having a set of bigger coding assignments due in about 3 years. Phew. I’d forgotten how exhausting bug hunting can be. More than typical this week, I am thankful for the experience I’ve had working on specifying, designing, and executing a planned solution response to a posed problem.

But that’s seriously a whole another topic. First, we need to talk about the magnificent experience that is the National Glass Centre’s One-to-One Glass Blowing Experience.

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Day 62: Glass (Art, Not Optics)

Day 40: My First English Sunday Roast

Sunday; October 11th, 2015

Figure A: Dat Toby Carvery Front Entrance

Yesterday, M., myself, and our downstairs neighbors/flatmates took the metro to our nearest Toby Carvery to experience the cultural phenomenon that is The English Sunday Roast.

All photo credits in this post go to K. and her phone camera!

Never heard of it before? Think a miniature US-style Thanksgiving, but every Sunday. Personally, I’m quite surprised that with a food culture like this, the average person here isn’t as rotund as the stereotypical American…

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Day 40: My First English Sunday Roast