Hello world!

First off, I think it’s super charming and appropriate that the default first post here on WordPress is “Hello world!” Very fitting for an impending CompSci student. 🙂

Who am I?

Let’s call me Jam. I’m 22. I recently graduated with my BS in Optical Sciences and Engineering from the University of Arizona. I’ll be heading off to Newcastle University in the UK to pursue a 12 month MSc in Computer Science on September 1st.

With some light Googling, you’ll probably figure out all my personal details pretty quickly. Do that if you want, I guess.

(Plz don’t dox me.)

Why am I doing this?

A close friend expressed to me that she is riding the edge of whether or not she wants to start a blog, but she struggles with trying to find what it is about her life that makes it “blog-worthy.” I’ve been sitting on this idea since we talked in May, 2015. I’ve always been an introspective, over-thinky person; this kind of project is right up my alley. Technically, there’s nothing in the way of at least trying. Might as well start and see where it goes.

What do I want this to be?

This blog starting as a record of thoughts and reflections during my year abroad. I want this to be a place where I can track personal growth, offer some insights after-the-fact, and preserve memories.

Who do I think might be reading this? 

– Budding STEM students (particularly females)
– People also entering graduate school
– People who want to travel abroad for a year+ to study
– People from /r/casualconversation

Here’s hoping that something I put down here is useful or entertaining to you.


Hello world!