Day -3: Last Day in Tucson

Anachronism! I forgot to post this on the day it was written. My bad. 😛

Saturday; August 29th, 2015

Today is my last full day in Tucson. I spent all week saying goodbye to people and places around town. Some people I know I will see when I get back, others I know I won’t for a long time to come. Then there are a few wild cards that could go either way.

I saw people I had actually told myself I wasn’t going to be talking to ever again. I reached out and contacted people I thought I was done with just in case. It’s been interesting revisiting friendships I thought were dead and finding out which ones are or aren’t. Finding out who seems to genuinely care and who doesn’t. Things have changed a lot inside me over the past few months, and I honestly wasn’t expecting to leave the US with so many parts of myself and relationships with people tied up with neat little bows. These things keep getting visualized as little presents that I’m putting away for now. When I come back, I’ll be able to unwrap some of them and see how they’ve changed. Others will remain how I leave them indefinitely. Some things are just done.

This is much more ramble-filled than what I meant for this blog to be. I want this to be more objective, observational. Not so introspective like how I’m prone to approaching everything. The whole process has been accompanied by my melancholy playlist, which is something I think is pretty worth sharing. So here:

Intro — Alt-J
To All of You — Syd Matters
Same Way — Emanuel and the Fear
Love Love Love — The Mountain Goats
Santa Monica Dream — Angus & Julia Stone
Mt. Washington — Local Natives
Choux Pastry Heart — Corinne Bailey Rae
Just For Now — Imogen Heap
Trouble Sleeping — Corinne Bailey Raw
Team — Lorde
Obstacles — Syd Matters
Half Life — Imogen Heap
Not Now But Soon — Imogen Heap
Speeding Cars — Imogen Heap
Stay Gold — Utada Hikaru
My Mistakes Were Made for You — The Last Shadow Puppets
Stay With Me — Sam Smith
Berceuse — Coeur de pirate
Clean — Taylor Swift

And then all six parts of Luv(sic) by nujabes.

Not all of it flows together super well, but here it is in all of its incompleteness.

Man, I sure do like my lists. 🙂


Day -3: Last Day in Tucson

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