Day 21: Last Day of Freedom and Food, Food, Food!

Tuesday; September 22nd, 2015

I’m giggling to myself about the dramatic title. Tomorrow, we go to the University to get our smartcards, which means I finally get to take care of the last of the living basics.

What are those? Well…

Living Basics:

  • UK bank account
  • season or annual pass for the metro
  • cash in on them sweeeeeet student discount deals

Mostly, what I want right now is just to rest. I have a doctor’s appointment for my ankle tomorrow. For now, I’ve been able to make do on ibuprofen and walking around in knock-off Uggs that are 1.5 sizes too big for me. I don’t particularly feel like writing much today, so here are some pictures from the international food market that was near Monument from September 11th to 21st:

Figure A: Amazing Olive Bread.

I ended up buying extra bread and putting it in the freezer for later days. I doubt it’ll last longer than a month though… I should’ve gotten more.

Figure B: Boozy Cheese

I tried eating a block of the Amber Mist and wow, is that whiskey taste strong. I felt like I was taking sip of a not very strong whiskey. This cheese crisps up really well in the pan, and I’ve been using it as filling for stuffed mushrooms over the last few days. The Ruby Mist cheese has berries in it while the red one I can’t read and am just a little too lazy and in pain right now to get up to check–the red one has white wine mixed in to it. I’m probably going to make a grilled cheese out of one of these soon using some of the bread from that French bakery stall in the market.

Exhibit C: Meringues the Size of Your Head

There was also someone selling meringues the size of your head. They’re all smooth and perfectly wonderful looking. I haven’t broken into the lemon one yet, and I a little bit don’t want to. (It’s too pretty.)

Exhibit D: Turkish Delight

Someone was also selling Turkish delight, and wow! I love my rose-flavored things quite a bit, and this was such a treat that I bought six of the rose-flavored, almond-slice-covered variety. They’re so pillow-y, I almost want to make some kind of throw pillow shaped like a giant Turkish delight and stuff it to the same consistency. On my god. I might just do that. It would be so fun to be shrunken down small and allowed to play on top of a bunch of Turkish delight bricks. I’m going to have to make a trip to a fabric shop here so I can live out this new daydream.

Speaking of projects, I did actually finish that hat I was knitting, but I gifted it to my downstairs neighbor before I took a picture.

Man, I’m tired. Pretty over writing this post now.


Day 21: Last Day of Freedom and Food, Food, Food!

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