Day 24: Birthday Beach

Friday; September 25th, 2015

Today was M’s birthday, so we went to The Coast. I was able to show her the little ice cream shop from last time. A girl we met at the International Student Orientation Week, In., came with us.

Bonus: since there were multiple people on this trip, there are actually pictures with people in them this time!

Figure A: Upsettingly Photogenic Beach

I did get the chance to show M. the beach and the joint coffee shop/ice cream parlor from before.

There was a sign at the beach banning dogs, but we saw around 20 four-footed furry friends happily running around on the beach no problem and a sign saying to pick up the lil’ shits after your lil’ shits… So who knows what the fuck that ban’s about. Hm.

Figure C: Grainy Paparazzi Shot of M.

I mostly just want to log vacation photos here on this entry. I’m damn tired, man. Take a look at how purdy and adventurous M. is!

Figure B; A wild Jam (left) and In. (right) have appeared!

Figure B shows us in the acrylic tube that had fish and mantarays swimming overhead. I love rays with their derpy little smiley face holes.

Figure D: My Chubby Grubby Fingers Going After Fish and Chips

I was uncharacteristically BAD at eating fish and chips. The portions were fucking huge–which I can normally pack away no problem–but all that oil, man. My body wasn’t used to having so much fried food that I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it all this time, even split between two people. Ploughman’s lunches and salads will do that to ya, I guess.

On a side note, I really enjoy ploughman’s lunches. The type of meal I’m referring to isn’t the traditional ploughman’s lunch of bread, beer, cheese, pickle (that actually apparently isn’t even all that ‘traditional’), but rather the more colloquial one that’s taken over on places like /r/EatCheapandHealthy. I’m talking a hunk of chewy bread, a few slices of a semihard cheese, a fresh piece of fruit or a large raw tomato, a medium-boiled egg, maybe some cold cuts. To me, all these parts are basic, simple, flavorful or nicely textured.

In other anachronistic news, I’m switching degree programs from ‘Computer Science’ to ‘Advanced Computer Science.’ Woohoo! I get to take Machine Learning!! 🙂

This makes me moderately worried about tuition problems. I hope I don’t have to pay extra.

Signing out before I more uninspired ramble-y worries dart out from my fingertips.


Day 24: Birthday Beach

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