Day 40: My First English Sunday Roast

Sunday; October 11th, 2015

Figure A: Dat Toby Carvery Front Entrance

Yesterday, M., myself, and our downstairs neighbors/flatmates took the metro to our nearest Toby Carvery to experience the cultural phenomenon that is The English Sunday Roast.

All photo credits in this post go to K. and her phone camera!

Never heard of it before? Think a miniature US-style Thanksgiving, but every Sunday. Personally, I’m quite surprised that with a food culture like this, the average person here isn’t as rotund as the stereotypical American…

As L. and K. put it, “the whole of Newcastle is here on Sundays.” It certainly felt that way.

Figure B: A wild Jam’s face appears! Along with M and L.

We arrived at Toby Carvery around 3:30PM, at the tail end of the dinner crowd. This expedition actually doubled as our household’s celebration of L’s birthday. (Yaaaay!) She’s been celebrating going on 5 days strong. I have a hard time celebrating my own birthday past the 2 hour mark, so this is probably an opportunity to start taking notes.

Figure C: Toby Carvery’s Partial Menu

All four of us we were pretty tempted to go King Size with our plates, but M. and I didn’t end up doing that.

Because we’re weak shit.

Because we’re pros at leading up our plates with a mountain of food. That’s probably a skill we honed while growing up in the US.

I had a pretty shitty-looking plate since I was focused on trying to get as much food on it as possible. Thankfully, K let me use the picture of hers as an example of what is in a traditional Sunday Roast.

The contents of this Sunday Roast from left to right include:

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Fried pig skin
  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Roasted Potatoes
  • Roast Beef
  • Yorkshire pudding
  • Beef gravy
  • Mustard
  • Mint sauce
  • A Pepsi
Figure D: K’s Superior Plate
Figure E: Our Massive Dessert

On a side note, Pepsi is more popular here than Coke. That makes me incredibly happy since I’ve never really enjoyed Coke as much as Pepsi.

After dinner, we actually had the audacity to share a very large dessert. What fun! Especially because we left the birthday cake I made back at our flat.

For the record, we finished all of it: the ice cream and the cake.

The cake recipe, if anyone is interested, is here.

Anyway, you can see a picture of the cake I ended up making here on my Twitter. I’m just way too tired to upload it. Ahh…


Day 40: My First English Sunday Roast

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