Day 10: Books and Booking It

Friday; September 11th, 2015

Last night I finally met my downstairs neighbors. Suffice it to say, I am no longer smooth as fuck when I talk to strangers. It only took 13 days of mental isolation to bring me back to the awkward, bumbling, forgetful girl I was as a teenager. Social grace is a muscle: mine needs a ton of upkeep and I have not been flexing.

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Day 10: Books and Booking It

Days 5 & 6: Fog, Glass, and Water.

Monday; September 7th, 2015

There are some pretty bumpy bruises on my Achilles tendons from walking all over the city up and down the slopes yesterday. The metro station by my flat was down for foliage maintenance, so I decided to try walking the entire length of the city. Pretty worth it, especially since I got to check out the Quayside Sunday market, the current exhibit at the Baltic, and The Factory Kitchen at The Biscuit Factory art gallery. That’s at least 8 miles of walking that I probably didn’t need to do, especially since I realized on my way home–fifteen minutes from home–that buses were taking metro tickets as valid passes for the day.


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Days 5 & 6: Fog, Glass, and Water.

Day -3: Last Day in Tucson

Anachronism! I forgot to post this on the day it was written. My bad. 😛

Saturday; August 29th, 2015

Today is my last full day in Tucson. I spent all week saying goodbye to people and places around town. Some people I know I will see when I get back, others I know I won’t for a long time to come. Then there are a few wild cards that could go either way.

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Day -3: Last Day in Tucson

Day 4: Hunting for a Coffee Shop (and Missing Tucson)

Saturday; September 5th, 2015

Today’s goal was hunting around for coffee shops to establish myself as a regular. I’ve decided that the place M. found near our flat is the best in terms of price, location, hours, seating, table space, and ambiance when it comes to extended sitting and studying.

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Day 4: Hunting for a Coffee Shop (and Missing Tucson)

Hello world!

First off, I think it’s super charming and appropriate that the default first post here on WordPress is “Hello world!” Very fitting for an impending CompSci student. 🙂

Who am I?

Let’s call me Jam. I’m 22. I recently graduated with my BS in Optical Sciences and Engineering from the University of Arizona. I’ll be heading off to Newcastle University in the UK to pursue a 12 month MSc in Computer Science on September 1st.

With some light Googling, you’ll probably figure out all my personal details pretty quickly. Do that if you want, I guess.

(Plz don’t dox me.)

Why am I doing this?

A close friend expressed to me that she is riding the edge of whether or not she wants to start a blog, but she struggles with trying to find what it is about her life that makes it “blog-worthy.” I’ve been sitting on this idea since we talked in May, 2015. I’ve always been an introspective, over-thinky person; this kind of project is right up my alley. Technically, there’s nothing in the way of at least trying. Might as well start and see where it goes.

What do I want this to be?

This blog starting as a record of thoughts and reflections during my year abroad. I want this to be a place where I can track personal growth, offer some insights after-the-fact, and preserve memories.

Who do I think might be reading this? 

– Budding STEM students (particularly females)
– People also entering graduate school
– People who want to travel abroad for a year+ to study
– People from /r/casualconversation

Here’s hoping that something I put down here is useful or entertaining to you.


Hello world!